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A system design is a direct result of only two things;  the owner's desired result and the designer's proposed methods of achieving that result.  Education, training, experience, and a thorough knowledge of current technologies all form the foundation on which a quality, high performance system is built.
Smithall Electronics, Inc. utilizes not only these basics, but CAD and other computer-based data management tools to deliver the desired results.
Our installations range from complete cruise ship systems to recording studios, portable sound systems, hotels, background music, video, security, intercom, and lighting systems.


Modify An Existing System

  • Evaluate the existing system and recommend options for both technological and design upgrades and improvements
  • Enhance system without the installation of new equipment.  This includes repair, maintenance, alignment, and relocation of existing equipment
  • Enhance system with the addition of new equipment as well as repair and align existing
  • Redesign system with all new equipment

Design a New System

  • Meet with client to determine functions and applications needed
  • Develop preliminary design, coordinating with architects, engineers, and any technicians that are involved with the planning and implementation of the facility
  • Finalize design, submit preliminary drawings, and write specification for project
  • Submit proposal for implementation of design
  • Coordinate installation and realization of design with Project Manager and other contracting companies
  • Develop final drawings, train new users, and ensure the satisfaction of the client upon completion of project